The Housing Authority of Dry Ridge provide apartments at the Housing Authority that are income based. If you are within the income limits and looking for government assistance, you MUST apply to our waiting list and update your information when there are any changes. We do not offer immediate and/or emergency assistance so make sure your information in our system is current. You can apply and check the status of your application by clicking on the links below. 



  • Family evicted from Public Housing within the past 5 years;

  • Family currently owes money to any housing agency in connection with the Section 8 or public housing assistance program;

  • Family has engaged in or threatened abusive or violent behavior toward Housing Authority personnel;

  • Family has engaged in drug related activities within the past 5 years.

  • Family has engaged in violent criminal activity within the past 5 years;

  • Family has engaged in alcohol abuse as demonstrated by 3 alcohol related incidents within the last 5 years;

  • Family member has an outstanding warrant or failure to appear charges;​


 NOTE:  PHA's must deny admission for the following types of criminal activity; Denial is required when:

  1. A member of the household has been evicted from federally funded housing in the past three years for drug related criminal activity. (PHA's may admit the family for certain circumstances)​

  2. A household member is subject to a lifetime sex-offender registry.

  3. A household member has been convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine on federally assisted housing property.

  4. Individuals the PHA determines are engaged in a pattern of disruptive alcohol consumption or illegal drug use, and, is determined by the PHA to interfere with the health, safety and right to peaceful enjoyment of the premise by other tenants. 


****PLEASE NOTE: Due to Housing Authority preferences, you waiting list position will change. 

APPLY: To apply to our waiting list, please complete the pre-application here:

STATUS: To check the status of your application, please click here: