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Am I Eligible

To be eligible, A family must have a “low income” — defined as less than 80 percent of the local median income — in order to move into public housing. At least 40 percent of the new families that a housing agency admits each year must have “extremely low incomes” that are no greater than 30 percent of the local median or the poverty line, whichever is higher; on average, agencies exceed this requirement by a large margin.

Families with an immigrant whose status makes them ineligible for public housing can receive prorated assistance based on the number of household members who are eligible.

In 2020, 56 percent of public housing households were headed by older adults or people with disabilities. Among other households, a great majority included a working adult or an adult who worked recently. The majority of people living in public housing are Black or Latino. More than one-third of all residents are children under age 18.

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